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FORD Fiesta, 2011

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1. Basic information

Identification number WF0JXXGAJJBL80599
Check digit not used
Brand FORD
Model Fiesta
Generation of model VI
Model code JA8
Vehicle Class Subcompact (Supermini)
Car body type hatchback
Doors quantity 5

2. Dates

Model year 2011
Date of manufacture 05.2011
Start of manufacture 14.08.2008
End of manufacture 08.2012

3. Transmission

Empty block

4. Parameters of engine

Empty block

5. Restraint and brake systems

Empty block

6. Manufacturer & manufacturing

Country of origin Germany
Market Europe
Country of assembly Germany
City (and region) of assembly Köln, Niehl

Ford Werke AG

Address of manufacturer 50725 Koeln-Niehl Koeln-Niehl Germany
Website of manufacturer www.ford.com
WMI registration date 13.05.1999

7. Weight and size parameters

Empty block

Car history (Russia)

Car history (USA)

Other reports

Car diagnostics

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Car options

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