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The whole info about the vehicle by VIN! Carfax, AutoCheck

Welcome to the VINformer website! The main direction of the our work is a giving of information about vehicles by VIN.

The VINformer service can be helpful for car's buyer, insurance underwriters, car experts, customs officers etc. There are more then 600 professionals use VINformer every day!

If you buy used car then you buy "a pig in a poke". You can check the car in car service station of course but you can to discard of the purchase by VIN checking only. And It will be more cheaper than checking a car in car service station. Save your time and your money!

For the first check is enough the VIN only.

For example, we propose the following order of purchase of used cars:

1. Free checking on VINformer.SU website

2. If necessary, you can buy additional reports

3. For the cars from North America market

4. Additional

Also you can see the glossary and read articles.

Finally, we open to cooperation! If you need the data of VINformer for usage on your website or software then send a letter!

We offer the advertising space on profitable conditions too!

Administration of VINformer.SU